Instagram AR Games
The new format of audience engagement in social media
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The new era of social media entertainment begin

In the world of social media, virality is one of the main indicator of brand`s quality of communications and attracting new users. The Millenials and Gen Z are spoiled by an abundance of information, the biggest brand’s challenge nowadays is to constantly make them surprise

Well, we know a lot of ways how to surprise your audience

Why Instagram AR games is so cool?
The mini-challenge format motivate to interact with the game content longer then video or simple pic
Unpredictable results is driving people curiosity
No more boring giveaway.
Augmented Reality guarantees a bright, unforgettable emotion

The user dive into new exciting world, here he/she becomes part of the plot that the brand narrates
The ability to lay additional bonuses and Easter eggs in the form of discounts or promo codes for future customers
Quick Updates
The ability to update mechanics or
game design less than 3 days
But why is still not super popular?
High cost
The real game developer studio charge more than 10 000 USD per one simple game
Low competence
There is only few competence team which have expertise how build the high-quality game for social media platform like Instagram or Snapchat
Lack of professional gaming scenarios
The mechanics and plots are inventing by people who have no experience creating such thing in the gaming industry
We're group of people who focus
on creating viral content for social media by using Augmented Reality.

We help bold brands achieve their goals on the path to digital transformation. Our portfolio have more than 50 successfully implemented Instagram AR Games.

Our team members have more than 10 years of experience in the AAA game industry, working on such projects as: World of Tanks, Call Of Duty, Borderlands, Toontastic 3D

We're the winners of the international hackathon:
Facebook Developer Circles Challenge 2019
Our Client
We Offer
Our team have more than 10 years of experience in the AAA game industry
Always in time
You'll get your game within
5 business days
Good price
We offer only proven solutions, while the development cost will be $5000
The one of the most popular game mechanics
How pipeline is looks like?
Step 1
You choose game mechanics which you likes more or tell us about your ideas
Step 2
You describe in detail the future overall style of your game
Step 3
We create the basic concept with reference, sketch to confirmed our vision
Step 4
We create unique 2D / 3D graphics specifically for your game
Step 5
After 5 business days you'll get the source file with the game
Free perks:
The bonus is valid for all orders from 02/20/2020 to 04/20/2020
Check-list with secret promo tips
We will provide a file with all the tricks and tricks that will help you promote your mask game as efficiently as possible.
Free game logo
Create unique logo for your game for free
Full support during all way long to successful publishing
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